Our story

Our Story

Bebo’s Pizzas started many years ago in the founder’s kitchen, where she would handmake pizzas for her beloved kids for lunch at school. Soon, she realized that the only way to enjoy yummy, delicious pizzas at any time of day without having to go through the hassle of making them from scratch was to have frozen homemade pizza! 

That’s right! Change the toppings, and there’s a new meal every day! What's more, it’s everybody’s favourite, so no fuss.

As the years went by, the founder realized that there were many other parents and working adults who whizzed up and down every day, working around the clock, and had practically no time to prepare a meal from scratch.   

So Bebo’s Frozen Pizza took shape and came to help.

Frozen, easily stashed, convenient, fast and most important of all…. WHOLESOME is the core idea of Bebo’s Frozen Pizza.

Bebo's Frozen Pizza's core concept is frozen, easily stored, convenient, fast, and, most importantly, WHOLESOME. With a thumbs-up from people of all ages, tastes, and nationalities, the founder decided to freeze this cheesy goodness so that everyone could enjoy it at home whenever they wanted.  

With an oven on hand, you are never too far away from the delicious taste of Bebo’s Frozen Pizzas. Home cooked dinner just got a WHOLE LOT EASIER!